For the sector infrastructure & mobility Tol designs control room furniture but also other interior solutions. Below you can find several examples.

  • Babcock

    Commissioned by and in cooperation with Babcock, Tol Plaatwerk makes display housings and monitor mounting constructions for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

  • Surtronic

    Commissioned by and in cooperation with Surtronic, Tol produces outdoor display housings for several local governments. Drechtsteden CBRE Global Investors Leeuwarden

  • Prorail

    In 2013 heeft Tol Plaatwerk in samenwerking met Hegeman B.V. voor het Verkeersleiding Transportbesturingscentrum (VLTC) in Amsterdam van Prorail de nieuwe verlichting gemaakt en geplaatst.

  • Province of Zuid-Holland

    For the Province of Zuid-Holland, Tol Plaatwerk produces the control room furniture of the traffic control center Steekterpoort, but also provided acoustic solutions to it. Foto van BKVV Architecten.

  • Console prototypes

    Tol also helps in the development of new prototype consoles.

  • The province of Zuid-Holland

    In collaboration with BKVV architects Tol made the furniture of the traffic control center Steekterpoort for the Province of Zuid-Holland. Foto van BKVV Architecten.

  • Air Traffic Control the Netherlands

    For Air Traffic Control the Netherlands we produce the consoles to monitor the dutch air traffic. Foto: Facebook @luchtverkeersleider Foto: Facebook @luchtverkeersleider

  • RAI Amsterdam

    Tol Plaatwerk takes care of the display constructions at the exhibition location RAI Amsterdam. We takes measurements and install the constructions in close collaborations with RAI Amsterdam.