Tol Plaatwerk collaborates with the development of your product. We make your design producible and keep in contact during the development.

  • VMI

    For VMI, Tol Plaatwerk produces the machine enclosure of the LAT100 (tire material testing machine), de ACE (cotton packaging machine) and Tol is working together on the development of an enclosure of a new machine. Contact Franklin Tol for more information. De katoen verpakkingsmachine van VMI.

  • Van Dam

    For Van Dam, Tol Plaatwerk produces machine enclosures for their advanced printing machines. Tol also makes platforms and machine components for Van Dam. Contact Cor Kwakman for more information.  

  • Hembrug

    For Hembrug, Tol Plaatwerk makes the machine enclosures for their high precision turning machines. Contact Cor Kwakman for more information about this project.

  • Technobis

    Tol makes the housings and machine enclosures of a.o. the VitaQ and the Crystalline. VitaQ Crystalline

  • Rietstack

    Tol produces the control cabinets for the High Pile Stacker of Rietstack.

  • R&R Mechatronics

    For R&R Mechatronics we make several components and housings for different products. We contribute to the development of new products by providing solutions in the design.

  • Applikon

    For Applikon, Tol Plaatwerk makes simple brackets, advanced components, platforms, housings and machine enclosures.

  • DFW Europe

    For DFW Europe, Tol made the machine enclosures for several cremation furnaces and installed them on-site (also international).

  • Avantium

    For Avantium Tol produces the Flowrence; an advanced platform for catalyst experiments.

  • Duran Audio

    Commissioned by Duran Audio Tol Plaatwerk produces the JBL IntelliVox housings. These are special housings that can not be made out of a standard sheet size (3000×1500). Tol has become an expert in producing these housings.